Counter Wizardry Strike

I intend that in countering bad spells or black magic. The greatest harm to ourselves is a Concern product within ourselves. When a Rinpoche Shampa Rinpoche told me that for Black Magic to function. The target must mentally make/”lured” to really feel and be afraid of the effect of the Black Magic. So much so that the slightest discomfort in his body would certainly be in proportionally manifested. Blamed on the allegedly psychic assault.

The other way around, when we want to respond to the unfavorable impact of psychic assault or Black Magic. We need to believe ourselves and in Whoever we hire to shield us. Shouting a simple petition, calling upon whoever our God. The Angels or Devas or Deities that are close to our heart and seriously asking for their protection. Before we fall asleep, is one straightforward counteraction. You can call this a “countering spell”. Often, when I really feel the visibility of wickedness in my area. I conjure up the Etheric Pyramid and rotate it counterclockwise to clean the constrained room.

The source of the Black Magic Specialist wizardry

Counter Wizardry Strike

Some things such as natural rocks may also assist. When an Italian chef involved me asking me for guidance on how to respond to the “Wickedness Eye” spell. I offered him a hematite necklace to wear as a defense. Black Magic Specialist A year, later on, he fulfilled me once again and informed me that the necklace worked, and ever since he had actually not been harassed by the Black Magic.

Hematite offers as a magic mirror not only dispersing the psychic attack however showing it back to the producer. I also recommend hanging some faceted cut natural stones. To do that, we hold the laser sticks in our best hand and trace. The outlines or the edge of the windows and doors from right to left. Claiming whatever petitions ideal and forming an intent that the pure white lights from the stones engraved along. The sides of the windows and doors would serve to ward off all uninvited unfavorable powers.