Most of us know all the sex positions there are, but have you actually tried them all? Well, not everyone is that adventurous in bed, but as we all know variety is the spice of life. After a point of time it is crucial to introduce new things in our intimate life to make sure it stays exciting and sensational.

Here we have discussed some sex positions which you must give a try to. Nevertheless, these positions were initially intended for sex between man and woman, but if you work a little on your imagination, you can apply them while having sex with your escort trans too. So, let’s see what these positions are…

Sex positions worth trying

Side to side position: As the name suggests, both the partners lie side to side in this position. The position is extremely erotic as it allows the penis to penetrate extra deep in to the vagina. The girl is lying on her side with one knee bent, and the male is lying in between her legs bent on his knees. Penetration achieved in this position is phenomenal and your woman will definitely love it. Males prefer this position because it helps them slide in deep easily as well as gives them a perfect view of tits and face of their partner.

 The diamond position: In this position, the male partner lies on his back and the female partner straddles him. The female glides from side to side and back and forth for creating friction and the push and pull movement on the penis. What you see is a shape of the diamond formed by the bodies of both the partner. This position allows exploring all the sensitive spots of a female’s vagina as well as gives a good rub to the penis. Mostly, females prefer this position because it gives them the opportunity to face their partner and the posture is quite easy to maintain. Also, the motion is not very tiring.

The carnal clench position: If you want to be extra close to your partner, this position is perfect for you. Female partner will be lying on her stomach with her legs spread. Male partner will lie on top of her and penetrate her butt hole. Once the penis is penetrated, the girl can cross her ankles, and thereby achieve better control over the penis. With the help of this position, a shemale can feel her partner’s penis much better.

The booty bridge position: This is again a very intense position, but it can be extremely tiring for the female partner. The female needs to be in the standing position with her feet spread apart and she bends over touching the floor. Male partner stands behind her and penetrates her from behind gripping her torso all the while. This position is perfect for anal sex and can even be used conveniently with a transgender partner. This position is also known as a quickie version of doggy style and beware it can be extra explosive.

Well, there you go. Try these positions today and experience the much needed change in your sex life.