How To Place Soccer or Football Bet Online In India?

Football betting is one of the most popular bet sports among Indian gamblers. Even though the craze for this sport is not as high as that of cricket, it is very close to holding the 2nd position. As Indian people love to wager online, there are many bookmakers that accept bettors from India and allow them to place a wager on very popular international football tournaments and leagues. Top sports betting sites offer nationally televised I-League of India as the excellent betting options. Asides this league, Indian players are invited to come and bet on Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, English Premier League, Italian Serie A, and more national or global football competitions.

Live Football Betting

Not all Indian betting sites offer a live football streaming and in-play betting to players from their website. Bet365 and Betway are one of the Indian friendly sports bookmakers that have different football matches, tournaments, and leagues streamed live right on a user’s device. Live betting allows punters to make real-time bets. These bets operate on a market system, where odds will keep fluctuating during play.

Football Betting Strategy

The secret key to win is to place soccer betting with the best football odds. Hence, initially shop around for offered odds. Bet365 bookmaker offers better football odds and accepts payments in Indian rupees. Odds may be different from one site to another. Thus, create several active accounts to take advantage of better values. When you bet using 5 different sites to shop bet, you will improve your winning chances.

Shopping small markets to select soft lines is the best way to beat soccer or football betting. This is because the smaller size of the market results in lower betting limits. That’s why I-League does not have wagering limits close to that of other leagues such as Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga, or German Bundesliga. Large bettors are often recommended to consider these leagues and other larger market events.

Betting Systems

There are many football betting systems and backing & laying system is one of them. It is a system that works on a market system and has had great success over the past years in the form of amazing wins. Its main use includes betting against a draw, where scores remain the same at the match outcome. To work using this system, you have to first bet against a draw for 3.0-3.8 odds before a match starts. The chances to draw reduced and payout gets increases on winning a goal. At that time, you have to back the draw at higher odds. You may use a betting calculator to identify the total bet backing the draw for profit. If a team has not scored 75 minimum mark, back the draw to reduce your losses. This is because most of the goals are scored before 75  minutes.


While betting at a soccer game, always keep your focus on sports, remain fully dedicated and hold some patience. It is almost impossible to win every bet, so don’t break too quickly. Keep some patience, work for the improvements, and place a wager while giving full focus.