Can I Lose Weight Faster By Going To Saunas?

Can I Lose Weight Faster By Going To Saunas?

But that wouldn’t be fair since an explanation is necessary. A sauna is basically a room which is heated to high temperatures and meant to warm up your muscles and ‘loosen’ them a little. The temperature in a sauna can go all the way up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. You will be dripping with sweat and feeling light headed after a sauna session.

So, does that mean you lost weight?

Probably yes. Does it matter?

Nope. Why?

Because you only lost water weight. Once you rehydrate, your body will replenish the lost fluids as soon as possible and you will be back to the same weight. Saunas are used by pro athletes to lose weight so they can qualify for a lower weight class during the weigh in. This is their strategy to give them an advantage later on. read more